Our Capabilities

We believes in the highest standards of engineering construction, which can only be achieved by a dedicated and disciplined design team who have several years of experience in complex projects. As we have a highly integrated and dedicated team, we believe we will be able to carry out the assigned work effectively and efficiently. Kindly refer for Manpower details.

We have adequate transportation facilities and confirm that we shall purchase additional transportation equipment if required. We also believe we have sufficient equipment available with us to carry-out the assigned job satisfactorily and additionally confirm that we shall purchase any extra equipment that may be required so that there is never any possibility of a hold-up of work. Kindly refer for Equipment and Vehicles details.

We shall furnish all material required for proper completion of work under any assigned contract. Besides, we will also provide engineers, skilled manpower, inspection teams, labour and equipment required for the project on hire basis. We shall provide adequate number of safety equipment covering safety boards, warning lights, safety belts, steel trench covers, safety helmets, shoes and related items. The material supplied shall conform to the relevant sections of the International standards. We shall perform the work in a professional manner, which is least likely to interfere with the operations of the existing facilities.

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