Civil Engineering

BDCC has involved in the field of Civil Engineering to Provide Services right the earliest stages for Design and Construction of all types of building and or structures.

Also offer in the following areas:

  • Industrial Structures
  • Paving Operations.
  • Underground Utilities.
  • Fencing Installations.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor switchyards
  • Earth, Moving, irrigation and hydropower project: Mechanized soil &rock excavation with concrete work for irrigation structures:
  • Geo-technical engineering: Comprehensive services, including soil investigation and recommendation
  • Design and construction of all types of bored and driven piles, well foundations, diaphragm walls, ground improvement works and dewatering.
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction.
  • Pre – engineered Steel Building Erections.

img-about-us The concrete structures in the coastal of the Arabian Gulf region exposed to one of the most aggressive conditions in the world and suffer from premature deterioration primarily due corrosion of reinforced steel. Proper structural repair and concrete durability design are essential to restore the lost serviceability and to extend the service life of the structure. These should be recognized as specialist areas and dealt with in that manner. Even today the durability aspect is rarely considered at the design stage by many consultants. We are able to respond to these existing conditions in Gulf Region. We provide state of the art technology in assessment, repair design and durability of concrete structures. Our services also include cathodic protection of new and existing reinforced concrete and steel structures, which is one of the proven techniques of corrosion protection and prevention. We are equipped with qualified and experienced engineers who have vast local experience and have beeninvolved in major concrete assessment and repair projects. We provide specialized services in assessment, repair design and corrosion protection design for existing and new structures.

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